S.NoName of the Rights OwnerAmount (in INR)
S. No.NameAmount
1Aakar Books           3,618.91
2All India Reporter (P) Ltd.           3,596.17
3Allied Publishers Pvt. Ltd.           3,578.20
4Andhra University           4,555.29
5Ane Books         13,337.03
6Asian Textile Journal           3,137.00
7Asiatic Society of Mumbai               124.64
8Association of Food Scientists & Technologists           9,774.52
9BIHAR RESEARCH SOCIETY               894.55
10BioScience Press           5,026.99
11Bioved Research Society           5,026.99
12Birbal Sahni Institute of Palaeosciences           8,622.45
13Bodhi Art         16,922.12
14Business India (P) Ltd.           6,101.02
15BW Business Media World Pvt. Ltd.           4,470.65
16Cengage Learning India Pvt. Ltd.           4,414.81
17Chemical Weekly               899.04
18Colour Publications Pvt Ltd           9,777.38
19Deep And Deep Publication Private Limited           8,622.45
20Elsevier India           8,328.86
21EM International         14,965.63
22Embassy Of The Federal Republic Of Germany         17,545.84
23Entomological Society of India           8,622.45
24Foundation Books         10,124.00
25 Herbert Publications Pvt Ltd               499.39
26 Indian Academy of Environmental Sciences           8,622.45
27 Indian Academy of Sciences         33,514.44
28Indian Association for Angiosperm Taxonomy (IAAT)           5,026.99
29Indian Chemical Society           3,481.19
30Indian Fern Society           8,622.45
31Indian Society Of Agricultural Engineers           9,774.52
32Indian Welding Society,           1,798.08
33InfoConnect Web Technologies India Pvt Ltd.           3,739.51
34International Centre for Alternative Dispute Resolution           7,212.19
35International Journal of Pharmaceutical Research           4,736.98
36Jaypee Brothers Medical Publishers (P) Ltd.           2,207.40
37Journal of Advanced Zoology           8,622.45
38Journal of global economy           9,197.70
40Kali for Women               280.50
41Kerala Forestry Research Institute,         14,246.00
42Madras Crocodile Bank Trust and Centre for Herpetology           5,026.99
43Manohar Publishers & Distributors           1,789.09
44Narosa Publishing House               113.26
45National Environmental Engineering Research Institute         29,931.25
46National Institute of Industrial Research           1,794.91
47National Neonatology Forum           2,661.10
48Navneet Publications (I) Ltd.           6,566.23
49New Age International Pvt. Ltd.           2,207.40
50Innovare Academic science Pvt. Ltd.           8,328.86
51Om Sai Ram Centre for Financial Management Research and Training           3,621.80
52Omega Scientific Publishers               894.55
53Orient Blackswan Private Limited           1,064.93
54Oxford University Press           3,619.63
55Penguin Books India Pvt. Ltd.           1,955.00
56Permanent Black           8,490.21
57Regency Publications               894.55
58Research Signpost         13,054.55
59Research Trends (P) Ltd.           7,373.78
60Sage Publications         30,320.66
61The Agricultural Development Commercial Credit And Industrial Investment Company Private Limited           3,619.63
62Shishu Sahitya Samsad (Private) Limited           3,592.08
63Singh Brothers         64,349.02
64Sterling Press Pvt. Ltd.           7,003.97
65Sterling Publishers (P) Ltd.           2,207.40
66Tata Mcgraw-Hill Publishing Co.           9,291.60
67Pharma Times (The Indian Pharmaceutical Association)         74,089.10
68The Indian Science Congress Association               214.65
69The Institute for Defence Studies and Analyses           9,774.52
70The Institute of Company Secretaries of India         49,493.35
71The Marine Biological Association of India           5,026.99
72The National Medical Journal of India           8,328.86
73The Palaeontological Society of India         24,675.36
74The Society of Earth Scientists         20,877.69
75Thomson Press           6,622.21
76Today & Tomorrow Printers and Publishers         34,527.13
77Ultrasonics Society of India         33,514.44
78Viva Books Private Limited           7,210.51
79Voluntary Health Association of India               900.36
80Wadia Institute of Himalayan Geology,
33 GMS Road, Dehradun – 248001
81Zoological Survey of India         27,298.88
82Zubaan Publishers Pvt. Ltd.           3,878.05

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