11 Aug

Is Illegal Copying the Death of Innovation?

As a creator, what motivates you? Rewards, royalties or just the passion for the art?

While the motivation can stem from anything really, but the worry and stress of your work being copied, stolen or recreated can dishearten even the best of the creators. As a society, it is in our benefit to keep the culture of creativity and innovation alive. But how do we achieve that?

‘Copyrights’ is nothing but an incentive for innovation. See it like this, when you are rewarded well for the work you do, it motivates you to continue working and keep the fresh ideas going! Copyright laws give authors and other creators property rights for their works of original authorship, including the right to reproduce, distribute, and display their works. They are premised on the idea that exclusive rights given to authors act as an incentive for them to create and disseminate new work, which ultimately benefits the public and keeps the literary/artistic ecosystem intact!

Now coming to what publishers, universities or any institute can do to protect creativity. There’s one simple answer: Go Legal! If your daily business operations revolve around publishing/photocopying or xeroxing anyone else’s work, make sure you have a legal license of reprography before that. By obtaining a reprography license, you pay proper dues and give proper credits to authors and creators, and therefore, encouraging them to keep pumping innovation into the world of literary. But what’s in it for publishers and universities?

When you issue a license, it:

  • Allows copying of content from Indian and global publications.
  • Reduces the risk and potential cost of copyright infringement.
  • Eliminates the need to seek the permission of the copyright owners individually.

Hence, it’s a win-win situation!

IRRO works for the benefit of content creators as well as users. Obtaining a reprographic license legally is in the best interest of both parties. So, keep the spark of creativity ignited and use any intellectual property with permission. Apply for a license now!